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The company was founded in 1998, is mainly engaged in design, manufacture and service of conveyor belt products. ISO9001: 2000 int
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Yunnan Shuangjiang Hengtai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd is a company which devote to the development, manufacturing and sales of rubber conveyor belt. The leading products of conveyor belts include:ordinary type , heat resistant type, acid-alkaline resistant type, oil resistent type, burning resistance type, endless type, wave shape raised edge type, large angle conveyor belt,patterned type, rubber sheet type, nylon type(NN), polyester type(EP), tubular type, and cold resistant type with special performance. With highly skilled professionals, we possess four fabric conveyor belt production lines and one large angle conveyor belt line, and our annual production capacity break through millions of square meters. Our company owns advanced equipments, including organic heat carrier boiler, steam generator, compression-type pinch smelting machine, different types of rolling machine, rubber mixing machine, grinding machine,a molding machine and so on. Our company attaches great importance to the quality of the products. We have professional testing instruments such as rubber tensile machines, electronic universal testing machines, William type plastic machines, hardness tester, thickness meter, aging test chamber, o cloning grinding machine, pan asymmetrical beam, analytic balance and so on. While selecting high-quality raw materials, we inspect the process of conveyor belts’ mixing, calendaring, molding, vulcanization to ensure the quality of the conveyor belts. At present, our company has become the largest conveyor belt production enterprises in Yunnan province.
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